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Why do career planning? Benefits:
▪  To help you find greater satisfaction in your work
▪   When values, interests, preferences and skills come together, you are operating under optimal conditions in your job
▪  Career development takes place within the total context of your life
▪  Adults have three major areas on which to concentrate in order to achieve life balance:
a) Self-development   b) relationships/family   c) Work/ purposeful activity
▪  Individuals who pay attention to all areas of their life generally experience greater satisfaction
▪  Career development takes place within the total context of your life

     Lifestyle needs and constraints can be deal-makers and breakers when it comes to a job offer. It’s important to know where you have flexibility on these issues and where there is none.  Six potential categories include:
▪  Schedule/ Hours of work  ▪  Geography/ Location                  
▪  Financial consideration ▪  Training & Education                         ▪   Health considerations    ▪  Psychological demands

      Job satisfaction rises when you are in a role and environment that truly aligns with your values, interests, personality, skills/ abilities, lifestyle needs and preferences.  Career Planning Part 2 Workshop assessment will help to uncover what you need to thrive in the workplace.
▪  To identify options that are worthy of consideration for your future goals and learn how to research and explore roles, types of industries or businesses to support a good career selection decision
▪  Clarify possible new job functions you might add to your next role to increase you enjoyment in it / sense of fit
▪  Highlight new industry sector / work environments where you could bring your current skill set and find compatilbity of interests
▪  Identify potential new paths / occupational directions

     Network to help you connect to the person who could hire you. If upgrading of qualifications is needed, build an education plan by researching training providers/ institutuions, costs, funding, etc.

Printed with permission from Community Employment Choices ‘Career Planning Part 1 & 2’ Workshops material. For more information on this and other job-search and career-related workshops, please check the Events Calendar at www.communityemploymentchoices.ca, speak to the staff at The Quest Centre, or call CEC at 519-245-4500/ 1-888-478-2111.