For employees, babysitters & anyone who needs certification.
Learn how to avoid accidents and what to do if they occur.

JUNE 29 & 30, 2017

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Must be paid by JUNE 11th.
First Aid & CPR:$135 -First Aid & CPR Re-Cert:$100 -CPR Re-Cert:$65

Standard First Aid & CPR
- $160 per person (includes manual)
- 16 hours of instruction includes Level C CPR
- Valid for 3 years

Standard First Aid & CPR Re-Certification

- $110 per person
- 8 hours of instruction and review includes Level C CPR
- Must show proof of valid certification
- Valid for 3 years
*Only 1 recertification is permissible before a full course must be taken

Level C CPR Re-Certification
- $75 per person
- 4 hours of instruction
- Must show proof of valid certification

Upgrade to Health Care Provider (HCP-C) CPR
- $20 per person extra
- 1 extra hour each evening
- Inquires to the instructor
*Must be attending the Standard First Aid

Qualified Instructor is an Authorized Provider of The Canadian Red Cross
*All Courses now include certification in Automated External Defibrillation (AED), and hands on application with four different AED models.